African Black Soap - Nefertiti
African Black Soap - Nefertiti
African Black Soap - Nefertiti
African Black Soap - Nefertiti
African Black Soap - Nefertiti
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African Black Soap - Nefertiti

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She is African.
She is Black.
And she is...a bar of soap?!? A Bila Bar of soap to be exact!

Our African black and turmeric soap is a delightful blend of traditional African black soap and ground turmeric aimed to gently exfoliate your face and help get rid of dark marks and spots while promoting healthy glowy skin. With continuous use, you will start to notice your complexion looking a bit more brighter, pores will appear smaller and angry irritated skin will definitely be a lot less aggressive.

Although turmeric alone can be very messy in terms of staining, the beauty of turmeric is that it has the ability to heal skin and correct any hyperpigmentation and inflammation. So, she may be small but she definitely is mighty.

Fun fact: Bila Bar Nefertiti is named after Queen Nefertiti who was once one of the most powerful women and queens in ancient Egypt. Her name means "a beautiful woman has come". She was known to worship the sun god Aton...which makes sense because after using this Bila Bar you will definitely be left with a glow.

Storage: Please store Nefertiti in a dry section of your bathroom when not in use. Preferably on a soap dish

Height: 4inches

Disclaimer: Nefertiti has very little to no lather but don't worry, little to no lather will not affect her capability of keeping your face clean.

-Vegetable based
-Moisturising properties from high glycerin content
-Neutral odour
-Vegan friendly
-Animal cruelty free

Aqua, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium stearate, sodium laurate, butyrospermum parki, citric acid, curcuma longa and turmeric essential oil.