About Us

Bila Beauty London are a British luxury beauty, skincare and cosmetics brand founded by Nabila McCarthy. "My aim is to combine that luxury feel with mother nature. Each product is carefully handmade by myself and are vegan friendly and animal cruelty free. From a young age, I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Back when I lived in Miami, my mom used to design dance costumes for the praise dancers in our church and I would use the scraps of fabric to designs my own clothes, bags and accessories. There was even a time my best friend and I would try and create our own perfumes and creams. I've always been good at creating things with my hands and thinking about it now I guess the interest has always been there. Even after we relocated back to England, I was mixing different creams together and designing phone covers and selling them on ebay or Depop! But for some reason it had never occurred to me that I could make a business out of it as it only began as a hobby! 

For me, it all began in the Summer of 2017, when I was caught in between trying to balance my new found motherhood and employment. Trying to find a job that  paid enough, worked around my schedule with a small baby and a partner who worked the night shift seemed almost impossible. I applied for multiple jobs but just didn't have any luck with any of them. I gave up searching and just decided to continue being a stay at home mom and take care of my son and my household. In 2018, I decided I would try and better myself by gaining a new set of skills, so I joined an agency which helped me improve my CV and gave me the opportunity to volunteer doing work in a sector that I was actually interested in. Health and beauty.

That was when I met a lovely woman who had her own natural skin care and juice drink brand. She used natural ingredients in all of her beauty products and  all natural fruits for her juice drinks. All made by hand out from the love of her own home. She inspired me!

From there I decided to switch over to a more holistic approach towards natural products when shopping around and I instantly saw and felt the difference. I wanted the people that I cared about to have the same experience, so when I started making my own products, I incorporated what I had learned about natural ingredients into my business. I also make and package all of the products, source all of the ingredients as well as create the content and manage all the social media side of things by myself. It's hard work but it's my passion and something that I enjoy doing.

And now we are here...I have a lot of wonderful ideas in mind for more natural skin care and beauty products to make and I cannot wait to bring these ideas to life and share them with you all.

If you've gotten this far, thank you for your time. - Nabila