Do your products stain? 

Like any body oil or butter that contains mica, there is a chance that some products may stain and probably be more noticeable on lighter clothing or objects. To lessen the chances of transfer we recommend you wear your products after getting dressed and use a setting spray. 


Why has the glitter in my Illuminating Body Glaze settled at the bottom?

Because we aim to use all natural ingredients in our products, we have avoided using any synthetic substances that would help make the mica particles suspend in the oil. Just give your Illuminating Body Glaze a good shake before use to get the most out of your product.


What kind of packaging is used for your body butters and oils?

Majority of our products are cased in PET plastic or glass. But don't be alarmed when you hear the word plastic! PET plastic has many benefits and are actually beneficial as they can be reused over and over again. Some other benefits of PET plastic include:

- Lightweight and cost effective 

- Safe: does not shatter and is not a hazard if broken or damaged. 

- Re-sealable

- Recyclable 

- Sustainable: Increasing numbers of PET plastic are made from other recycled PET plastic. 

- Does not contain BPA

The corrugated boxes and bubble envelopes we use for delivery are also recyclable and more friendly for the environment, as they will eventually decompose and not pose a threat to landfills. You can either chose to recycle or reuse your packaging. Either way, you can shop with us and know that you are doing your small bit to help keep our world a little bit more greener!