Cinna Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub
Cinna Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub
Cinna Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub
Cinna Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub
Cinna Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub
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Cinna Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

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Overcome dry chapped lips with our Cinna-Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub!
Filled with granulated sugar, sugar crystals, coconut oil and lemon juice, this scrub is a natural exfoliant that will moisturise and banish dead skin while buffing your lips to reveal the newer and healthier skin underneath! The fun part is that it is 100% edible and safe for consumption. (You might just want to buy two...shhh, it's ok we won't tell) Definitely a skincare essential you want to have in your handbag as you can use it anywhere at any time when your on the go.

*Please make sure you use a reliable moisturising gloss or balm afterwards to keep those lips soft and supple throughout the day. We recommend Bila Beauty London's Lipglass in "Yummy".

Cinnamomum verum

Massage a small amount onto clean lips, and rinse with a damp washcloth or cotton pad. Can be used up to 2 to 3 times a week.

Bila Beauty Tip
The best time to use our lip scrub is when your fresh out of the shower as the steam and water from a warm shower automatically preps your lips making it easier for moisture to be locked in and dead skin to be removed.

You may feel a bit of tingling after using our lip scrub. This is due to the messaging your lips and encouraging blood flow to the surface of your lips. Tingling should last no more than 5-10 minutes.

If you have a bad reaction please discontinue use immediately and seek medical help from a registered doctor.


Size: 30g